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Lead Adaptor Systems

Lead Components

Integer works with customers to design, develop and manufacture custom lead components and lead systems for clinical applications. Our highly specialized engineers and technicians optimize every aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure design for manufacturability at the individual component, sub-assembly or assembly level. We specialize in metal tubing, polymer tubing, wire-based products and machined and molded components that meet stringent design requirements and a wide range of functional demands. You can expect:

  • End to end expertise in system integration to ensure high quality and reliability of the device.
  • Access to industry experience and technology know-how with more than 60 years of developing innovative medical device solutions.
  • Vertically integrated supply chain providing access to critical pulse generator component technology.

As the leading supplier of Implantable Pulse Generator Components, our solutions are varied and custom to your needs.

Our extensive technical know-how and capabilities in coated components, include:

  • A highly experienced team of R&D, development and manufacturing scientists and engineers focused on coatings
  • State of the art physical vapor deposition equipment
    • Redundant pilot line
    • Manufacturing units that enable seamless transition from prototype to high scale production runs
  • In-house precious metal machining expertise and capabilities that speed time to market and provide cost efficiency
  • Sintering
  • Robust SEM / EDS material analysis equipment
  • A suite of testing equipment to measure and verify the electrical characteristics and mechanical properties of coatings

Titanium Nitride (TiN) and Iridium Oxide (IrOx)

Our TiN coating improves stimulation and sensing capabilities, enabling better device performance. The impedance value (at 1 Hz) for Integer’s TiN coated electrodes is found to be on the order of 102 – 103 times lower than that of uncoated metallic electrodes. We have engineered low polarization titanium nitride (TiN) coatings to meet the modern implantable electrode requirements for implantable device applications. Millions of our TiN coated electrodes have been implanted worldwide.

The electrochemically active surface area of the electrode can be increased by coating the electrode with electro-active coatings such as IrOx, which are biocompatible with neural and cardiac tissue and require a lower thickness of coating. This coating optimizes the stimulation electrode design by reducing the size and utilizes less battery power to drive the implantable device.

Coated Components

Integer has extensive experience developing wire-based components and devices. Some of those capabilities and products include:

  • Guidewires / components joining
  • Core wires
  • Coils (conductor or shock)
  • Solid wire
  • Clad wire
  • ETFE & PFA insulation coating
  • Laser ablation of coating
  • Laser welding of components
  • Custom machined components
  • Precious metal

Listed below are areas of tubing that we produce, which meets stringent design requirements and a wide range of functional demands.

Polymer Tubing Types
  • Extrusion
  • Film Cast Tube Fabrication
  • Composite and Reinforced Tubing
Metal Tubing
  • Precious Metal Manufacturing
  • Marker Band Fabrication & Electrode Rings
  • Multi-layer Tubing Materials
  • Metal Tube Drawing

We manufacture the following component and connector product types:

  • Connector Blocks
  • Ferrules/Flanges
  • Electrodes for Headers
  • Set screws
  • Welded Assemblies
  • Bore assemblies
  • Antennae, Formed wire
  • Coils, Charging

Features and types of molded components include:

  • Integration of specialized molding equipment, measurement equipment and an advanced scientific molding methodology.
  • Implant and small to micro molding applications with inserts including multi-shot solutions.
  • Press sizes range from 55 ton to 10 ton and with shot sizes of 2 oz down to .2 oz.
  • Vertical integration that allows for internal manufacture of sub-assemblies and components, which offers critical process control of inserts for better molding outcomes.
  • A number of materials available based on applications needed:
    • PEEK (Victrex)
    • PEI (Utem)
    • PPA (Amodel,Gilamid)
    • LCP (Vectra)
    • PS (Radel, Udel)
    • TPU (Elasthane, Tecothane)