Commitment to Environmental, Health, Safety & Security (EHSS)

Integer is committed to maintaining a comprehensive and effective Environmental, Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) program focused on conducting business in a manner that is safe for our associates, visitors and neighbors; environmentally responsible; and adheres to applicable requirements and regulations.

Our EHSS strategy:

  • Reinforces an ethical culture of engagement, transparency and accountability.
  • Focuses on proactive activities that prevent or minimize the risk of incidents and accidents.
  • Ensures operations and business processes are conducted in compliance with applicable EHSS requirements.
  • Includes continuous improvement goals and robust, integrated management systems to monitor and evaluate progress.
  • Drives collaboration, innovation and awareness through communication and education.

Together, through this commitment, Integer is creating a healthy, safe, secure workplace for our associates; setting an example as a good steward of the local environments where we live and work; and building a resilient business.

All of us must continue working SAFE-Together we strive for an injury and accident free workplace in which we See, Act, Follow-Up, and Engage Together.

See our signed Commitment to EHSS here.