EHSS Responsibilities

Commitment to Environmental, Health, Safety & Security (EHSS)

Integer is committed to maintaining a comprehensive and effective Environmental, Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) program focused on conducting business in a manner that is safe for our associates, visitors and neighbors; environmentally responsible; and adheres to applicable requirements and regulations.

Our EHSS strategy:

  • Reinforces an ethical culture of engagement, transparency and accountability.
  • Focuses on proactive activities that prevent or minimize the risk of incidents and accidents.
  • Ensures operations and business processes are conducted in compliance with applicable EHSS requirements.
  • Includes continuous improvement goals and robust, integrated management systems to monitor and evaluate progress.
  • Drives collaboration, innovation and awareness through communication and education.

Together, through this commitment, Integer is creating a healthy, safe, secure workplace for our associates; setting an example as a good steward of the local environments where we live and work; and building a resilient business.

All of us must continue working SAFE-Together we strive for an injury and accident free workplace in which we See, Act, Follow-Up, and Engage Together.

See our signed Commitment to EHSS here.

Successful EHSS management systems necessitate strong leadership and engagement from all levels in the organization. All Integer associates are accountable for their safety as well as the safety of their peers and are expected to understand and follow all components of the EHSS program that relates to their job duties and responsibilities. Integer’s EHSS program uses a systems approach where all associates are responsible to identify any observed and/or anticipated risks, hazards, or unsafe conditions and immediately report to management or EHSS.

Robust communication, collaboration, and engagement on EHSS topics and initiatives is necessary to fulfill and sustain our commitment to EHSS programs and continually improve our EHSS performance. Cross-functional and focused committees on EHSS includes:

EHSS Collaboration & Alignment Team:

Monthly collaboration of Integer site and department leaders to:

  • Openly communicate and align on EHSS initiatives
  • Ensure all sites and departments are moving in the same direction to common EHSS goals
  • Provide a forum to generate opportunities and discuss activities to reduce risk and improve EHSS performance

EHSS Council:

Bi-weekly collaboration of EHSS professionals at Integer sites and in corporate roles to:

  • Candidly discuss metrics, initiatives, and opportunities to drive continual improvement, reduce risk, and increase business resiliency
  • Share best practices, feedback, and suggestions to improve EHSS programs
  • Provide technical information and resources through training, system improvements, and other solutions to improve Integer EHSS performance

COVID-19 Team:

Bi-weekly collaboration of Integer site and department leaders, as well as EHSS and HR professionals at Integer sites and in corporate roles to:

  • Sustain a robust Pandemic Plan to reduce the transmission of COVID-19
  • Provide factual and timely information to address site needs
  • Share changes and improvements based on government guidance
  • Provide a forum to discuss metrics, opportunities, and questions