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Lead Systems

Integer works with customers to design, develop and manufacture custom lead systems for neurostimulators and other clinical applications. Our highly specialized engineers and technicians optimize every aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure design for manufacturability at the individual component, sub-assembly or assembly level. We understand the complexity that goes into developing advanced cutting edge lead systems that meet application requirements from selecting the best materials to utilizing leading industry processes. In addition, we offer a selection of non-proprietary lead systems.

Examples of custom lead systems.

Cuff Lead
Paddle Lead
Percutaneous Lead
Perc Lead Straight
MyoPore® Sutureless Bipolar Epicardial Pacing Lead Key Features:
  • Platinized 10mm2 electrode
  • Available in 25, 35 and 54 cm lengths with IS-1 connectors
  • Low profile construction for reduced electrode head size
  • Quadrifilar inner conductor
  • Full 3.5mm electrode penetration
  • Quadrichannel anode electrode provides increased surface area
FasTac® Flex Epicardial Lead Implant Tool

The FasTac® Flex works in conjunction with Greatbatch Medical’s MyoPore® line of sutureless epicardial leads. This unique tool provides remote distal deflection capabilities, remote lead rotation for insertion of the helix into the myocardium and remote lead release and regrasping capabilities.


FasTac® Myocardial Lead Implant Tool

Every MyoPore lead includes the FasTac® implant tool for insertion onto the surface of the ventricular epicardium of the heart. The unique design of the implant tool allows for a quick, one-handed motion for release of the lead after attachment. If needed, the distal end of the tool is designed to provide regrasping, reloading and repositioning of the lead.

Adaptors link existing leads to new active implantable medical devices. We select the best material and utilize leading industry processes to ensure optimal performance and reliability between new and existing technologies. In addition to our custom development programs, we offer non-proprietary adaptors to speed development timelines. Our standard configurations are sold through the major OEM companies as additions to product lines in the markets of cardiac rhythm, neuromodulation and hearing restoration.