Commitment to Business Continuity

Integer Business Continuity Plan

The purpose of the Integer Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is to enable the sustained execution of the critical processes in the case of an extraordinary event that causes these processes to fail the Integer minimum production requirements. The BCP captures the requirements needed to effectively respond to an event and efficiently regain operation of Integer processes and systems.

The BCP incorporates the factors and steps necessary to prepare for a crisis (disaster or emergency). The BCP serves as the centralized repository for the information, tasks, and procedures necessary to facilitate the site leadership’s decision-making process and its timely response to any disruptive or extended interruption of the facility’s normal business operations and services. This is especially important if the cause of the interruption is such that a prompt resumption of operations cannot be accomplished by employing only normal daily operating procedures.

The combination of proactive assessment of risk and risk mitigation coupled with detailed resumption planning ensure continuity of supply to our customers and stakeholders. Each facility within Integer is responsible for developing and maintaining facility life, safety, and security systems. In addition, each site maintains a comprehensive BCP.