Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Incident Investigation

Integer is committed to the continuous improvement of its Safety and Health systems and programs. As part of that commitment, Integer strives to completely identify all workplace hazards, evaluate all workplace risks, and conduct thorough incident investigations:

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment:

In an effort to continuously improve EHSS performance and to effectively evaluate hazards and effectively reduce risks, Integer utilizes various EHSS policies, programs, and tools. In addition, all Integer sites must comply with safety and health legal requirements, follow specific incident investigations protocol, and adhere to many other EHSS requirements.

Integer Sites continuously follow up on the analysis of work-related hazards and risk reduction efforts through periodic site reviews and audits. Site management, including full-time Site EHSS professionals are responsible for ensuring closure of corrective actions to minimize identified risks. Periodic trending analysis is also performed to evaluate safety trends and to develop short term and long plans and guidance to address those trends in an effort to continuously lower risk and improve safety management and performance.

Incident Investigation:

Integer has a robust incident investigation policy containing very specific requirements. Site Management and EHSS professionals work together and lead the incident investigations process whenever an EHSS related incident occurs. The main objective is to prevent recurrence. The Integer EHSS Incident Reporting and Investigation Policy contains detailed information and guidance on the investigation process that Sites follow when conducting an investigation.

Integer believes that through the continued development of robust EHSS policies and programs we will continue to drive a culture of ownership and accountability. Integer continues to invest in the development of EHSS tools, software systems, and in the development of EHSS professionals to drive risk reduction in order to achieve our EHSS objectives.