Code of Conduct

Integer’s Code of Conduct, aligned with Integer’s Vision and Values, guides all associates on how to act at work. The Code serves as a living resource in support of day-to-day decision-making and represents the core of how Integer creates a solid foundation of trust and success that is reflected in our relationships with customers, suppliers, stockholders and each other. It aligns with the AdvaMed Code of Ethics and applies globally to all associates, officers and directors. Integer will use reasonable efforts to ensure that temporary associates, contractors and consultants, as well as anyone we authorize to act on our behalf, are compliant with the Code.

The Code establishes the basic foundation of Integer’s ethics as it:

  • Communicates our ethical philosophy and commitment to all associates, customers, other stakeholders and the communities in which we do business.
  • Obliges us to comply with laws, regulations and Company policies.
  • Ensures that integrity and ethics are maintained in all business relationships.
  • Serves as a resource when questions of legal or ethical appropriateness arise – not as a comprehensive rule book, but rather a statement of how Integer commits to doing business.
  • Encourages ethical decision-making and discussions to improve how Integer addresses concerns encountered each workday.
  • Sets the foundation for our existing policies and processes.

It is up to each associate to uphold the highest standards of integrity and set the example for expected workplace behaviors, as well as follow both the spirit and the letter of the Code in all Company matters.


As a proud member of AdvaMed, Integer follows the AdvaMed Code of Ethics and is committed to ethical interactions with healthcare providers.