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Vascular Access Guidewires

Our vascular access guidewires provide medical device companies access to off-the-shelf, regulatory approved guidewires designed for delivery of catheters for a variety of clinical applications.

  • OEM products that provide medical device companies quick market access.
  • High-volume manufacturing capacity and stable supply chain through vertical integration.
  • Adherence to high quality standards through enforcement of stringent clinical and regulatory requirements.
Predicate Guidewire

Predicate® Uncoated Guidewire

  • Full-length spring coil wire design that provides exceptional wire-to-wire consistency and product performance for various clinical applications
  • Stainless Steel: 0.014″ – 0.095″ diameter
  • Nitinol: 0.018″ – 0.038″ diameter
  • Stainless Steel: 20 cm – 500 cm length
  • Nitinol: 30 cm – 500 cm length
  • Stainless steel or nitinol core and stainless steel coil

M Wire Cross Section

M-Wire™ Mandrel Guidewire

  • Mandrel wire design that delivers the advantages of a smaller guidewire diameter while providing maximum body support
  • 0.014″ – 0.35″ diameter
  • 40 cm – 300 cm length
  • Stainless steel or nitinol core and tungsten, platinum, palladium, or stainless steel coil