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Portable Battery Packs

Our in-depth knowledge of battery cell technologies and battery pack design, as well as medical device and regulatory expertise, drives us to be the premier portable power source to our customers. Whether you are seeking to build and power a medical device or simply seeking portable battery packs, our team of scientists and engineers will help you navigate the complexities of the numerous battery chemistries and their performance and safety to select the best option for your needs. A dedicated project team will then work closely with your team to develop and manufacture the complete solution leveraging our global supply chain. With Integer, you have:

  • End to end expertise to ensure superior quality and reliability
  • U.S. based design and development paired with world class manufacturing in Mexico
  • A full range of solutions from simple to complex battery packs to provide primary or backup power utilizing the appropriate cell chemistry
  • A pathway to sophisticated, high value future solutions that draw from our deep cell chemistry and medical device expertise.
Test Applications

Our experienced team of experts build custom portable battery packs for various applications such as:

  • Patient and Bedside Monitors
  • Portable Diagnostic devices for Portable X-ray’s and Ultrasound
  • Cardiac Assist devices
  • Emergency Care and Resuscitation devices such as AED’s and Defibrillators
  • Respiratory Care devices such as Ventilators and Portable Oxygen Concentrators
  • Sleep Apnea devices
  • Hearing Therapy devices
  • Chronic Pain Mitigation devices
  • Surgical Tools for Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy, Orthopedics and more

Discover our collaborative approach to powering your Class I, II or III medical device – safely and reliably. We offer an unparalleled depth and breadth of capabilities across all phases of product development through manufacturing. Our expertise includes:

Battery Cell Technology
  • Primary (non-rechargeable) and rechargeable
  • Deep expertise across a range of cell chemistries and their performance and safety characteristics, including lithium-ion, lithium ion polymer, NiMH, NiCad, sealed lead-acid, lithium primary and super-capacitors
  • Form factors include cylindrical and prismatic as well as polymer (pouch) cells
  • Decades of cell assembly and manufacturing know-how, which are critical to the assessment, selection and qualification of cells and qualification and monitoring of suppliers
  • Technology monitoring for insights into trends, opportunities and risks
Battery Pack Design Expertise
  • Single cell packs and packs with multiple series-parallel string packs with redundant safety features
  • Battery management system design, authentication/encryption, active cell balancing
  • PCB design and layout including rigid-flex
  • Analog/digital/power electronics, EMC/EMI compliance
  • IEC 62304 compliant embedded firmware, software systems and integration
  • Wide range of user interfaces
  • Robust mechanical design, including plastics molding expertise and mold-flow analysis, finite element analysis (FEA), thermal analysis, etc.
Medical Product Development

Consistent with ISO guidelines on design control and risk mitigation, we follow a rigorous product development process that includes:

  • Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (DFMEA)
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Sophisticated, System Level End-of-Line tester platforms to support comprehensive out-going product inspections/testing

We bring 50+ years of experience in producing reliable power for Implantable and External Medical Devices with an intense focus on the well-being of the patient and needs of the end-user – either patient or healthcare professional. The design, development and manufacture of our “critical to patient care” Power Solutions, including battery packs and chargers, are supported and enabled by:

  • A robust Quality Management System (QMS)
  • ISO 13485, 21 CFR Part 820 Certification of our Design & Development Center and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Adherence to and compliance with various regulatory standards and Notified Bodies such as UL, CCC, UNDoT, TUV, Intertek & SGS
  • Dedicated Global Supplier Quality Team with technical experts in critical areas such as Cells and PCBA’s

Our decades of medical device manufacturing experience have enabled flexible manufacturing approaches to support specialized low and high volume manufacturing to support our broad customer base in a state-of-the art facility in Tijuana, MX utilizing:

  • ISO 13485 compliant Process Validations (IQ/OQ/PQ)
  • Product and Process Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (PFMEA)
  • Industry standard Assembly and Metal Joining techniques (e.g. resistance and ultrasonic welding, IPC soldering)
  • Targeted process automation
  • FDA compliant Label controls and product Labeling

We provide end-to-end support to our customers that includes:

  • Comprehensive cell, pack and system level characterization and design verification testing
  • Exhaustive component and product level testing integral to the development, design verification and qualification activities to deliver robust, safe, superior product.
  • Comprehensive U.S. and International Certification support
  • Class 9 hazardous material shipping
  • Multi-facility Analytical Capabilities with expert resources for cell and battery level Failure Analysis and Investigations
Charging Area

From Integer’s battery academy you will find information designed to assist and educate customers on the basics of the battery industry including key terminology, common abbreviations, and chemistry comparisons.