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PV Delivery System

Peripheral Vascular Stents

We provide a full range of solutions to support every phase of the product life cycle for manufacturing peripheral vascular stents used for AAA and lower limb interventional applications.

With comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, we provide comprehensive solutions for stent tubing and wire forming stents that meet stringent design requirements and functional demands. Our technical experts ensure that the highest-quality materials are matched to the precise design specifications and requirements of every component and device we manufacture.

We maintain ISO 13485 certification across our facilities, as well as quality and process management systems that meet the highest standards set by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the European Community, and other international regulatory authorities. Our tubing- and wire-forming teams offer their expertise in material specification and sourcing, tube process design, wire forming, and materials testing and characterization to ensure that stringent product requirements are met consistently from first qualification samples to each and every production order.

Stent Tube

Stent Tubing

Nitinol, 316LVMS, L-605/Alloy 25, MP35N low Ti and Elgiloy/Phynox

Wire Formed Stent

NiTi Wire Forming

Materials: Nickel titanium wire
Processes: Wire forming using a variety of manufacturing processes

Metal Tube Drawing

Tube Drawing

Drawing of shaped cross sections in the above-listed materials, including nitinol

Square Cut Tubing

Cutting to Length

EDM wire cutting of burr-free, square-cut ends

Stent Tube Grinding


Taper, step, profile and straight grinding of tubing

Heat Set Stent

Heat Setting of Nitinol

Heat setting of formed and expanded parts


Electropolishing of Stainless & Nitinol

Electropolishing of small parts, such as stents & baskets

Nitinol Stent Tube


Bending, flaring and forming of round tubes