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ITH Guidewires Stylets

Guidewires and Stylets

We provide a deep set of custom stylet and OEM guidewire solutions for a variety of applications including CVC, PICC and hemodialysis kits.

  • Design and development of finished guidewires and stylets for vascular access, central venous catheter (CVC) insertion, peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs), and hemodialysis catheter insertion.
  • Transfer of products and processes from one site to another to support product-line transfer, line duplication, low-cost manufacturing, and prototype-to-production migration.
  • Manufacture of custom and standard guidewires and components, including cores, mandrels, stylets, and coils.
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM) to assure that final products can be repeatedly manufactured while meeting quality, reliability, and performance requirements.

Our guidewire and stylets can be provided in a wide range of materials and configurations. Our materials experts work with customers to achieve optimal product performance. The highest-quality materials are matched to the precise design specifications and requirements of every infusion therapy and hemodialysis component and device we manufacture.

Cores PV Guidewires


Materials: Stainless steel, nitinol, bi-metal and proprietary alloys

Proprietary Platform Technologies: MyriadCore™ Bi-Metal Core Technology, Twister® Core Technology, Twister® Prime Core Technology, AmplifyCore™ Advanced Alloy Core Technology

Support Member Coils


Materials: Stainless steel, platinum (all alloys), palladium, tungsten and bi-metal

Proprietary Platform Technologies: MyriadCoil™ Seamless Joining Technology



Handle molding, handle marking stainless steel, tungsten and complex tip shapes

Proprietary coating processes and advanced coating expertise enable us to apply lubricious and dielectric coatings to a range of substrates to achieve optimal performance of the guidewires we manufacture.

Hydrophilic Coating


Capabilities: Hydrophilic and hydrophobic (PTFE reel-to-reel, PTFE discrete length and silicone)

Proprietary Coatings: Aquarius® Hydrophilic Coating, Aquarius® Elite Hydrophilic Coating, Lubrigreen™ PTFE Coating, Excellence™ Silicone Coating

Dielectric Coating


PTFE, ETFE, polyimide and parylene

Heparin Coating



With comprehensive guidewire and stylet development capabilities, our manufacturing sites undergo rigorous quality inspections and audits. We maintain ISO 13485 certification across our facilities, as well as quality and process management systems that meet the highest standards set by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the European Community, and other international regulatory authorities. Our technical experts ensure design for manufacturability to decrease development time, minimize costs, and achieve speed to market.

Wire & Tube Processing - Guidewires - Integer

Wire & Tube Processing

Core grinding, coil winding, torque cables and cut tubing

Wire Coating - Guidewires - Integer

Wire Coating

PTFE (spray coat, reel-to-reel and discrete length), hydrophilic and silicone

Joining - Guidewires - Integer


Laser welding, soldering, brazing, plasma welding and dissimilar metal joining

Tip Shaping - Guidewires - Integer

Tip Shaping

Tapered or non-tapered, spring coil, polymer jacket and J, micro-J, modified J

Extension System - PV Guidewires - Integer

Wire Extensions

Multiple concepts

Depth Indicator Marking - Guidewires - Integer

Depth-indicator Markings

Chemically etched, laser ablation and PTFE marker

We maintain strong R&D investment to develop new technologies that complement customer initiatives to incorporate electrical and optical capabilities into guidewires and stylets. Throughout our partnership, we provide the material testing, process design, inspection, traceability and documentation required to meet complex and sophisticated requirements.

Sensing/Transmitting - Spiral Grooves - Integer


Delivery platforms: Spiral cut, cut tubing, spline wire and torque cables
Joining / attachment: Laser welding and wire wrapping
Coatings / coverings: Hydrophilic, dielectric and polymer jacket

Electrical Optical - Guidewires - Integer


Wire harnesses: Twisted pairs, flex circuits and ribbon
Sensor/connector attachment: Electrical connector soldering, optical fiber connectors, optical fiber polishing, wire bonding​

Guidewire Testing - Design Assurance - Integer

Design Assurance/Clinical

Industry & competitive benchmark testing, Analytics/research and Clinical

Predicate Guidewire

Predicate® Vascular Access Guidewire

  • Full-length spring coil wire design that provides exceptional wire-to-wire consistency and product performance for various clinical applications
  • Stainless Steel: 0.014″ – 0.095″ diameter
  • Nitinol: 0.018″ – 0.038″ diameter
  • Stainless Steel: 20 cm – 500 cm length
  • Nitinol: 30 cm – 500 cm length
  • Stainless steel or nitinol core and stainless steel coil

M Wire Cross Section

M-Wire™ Mandrel Guidewire

  • Mandrel wire design that delivers the advantages of a smaller guidewire diameter while providing maximum body support
  • 0.014″ – 0.35″ diameter
  • 40 cm – 300 cm length
  • Stainless steel or nitinol core and tungsten, platinum, palladium, or stainless steel coil