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RadialSeal Aerial

Arterial Introducers

As a global leader in the development and manufacture of critical technologies, we provide medical device manufacturers competitive introducers for the radial access market.

  • Market-ready products that provide medical device companies quick access to the radial market
  • Product performance and portfolio breadth to compete effectively
  • Scale, scope and stability through partnership with an established leader in the development and manufacture of introducers
RadialSeal OEM


Introducer Kit


Indicated for Radial Access

Designed for:

  • Atraumatic insertion
    • Thin-walled sheath for low profile
    • Smooth sheath-to-dilator transition
    • Atraumatic tapered dilator tip
  • Reduced risk of vascular complications
    • Hydrophilic-coated sheath
  • Balance of hemostasis and low insertion force
    • High performance hemostasis valve
  • Kink resistance