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Adelante Safe Sheath II

Adelante® SafeSheath® II

Hemostatic Peel Away Introducer with Side Port

Introducing the Adelante® SafeSheath® II Hemostatic Peel Away Introducer System for Vascular Access. This generation peel away introducer features the latest lubricated hemostatic valve membrane that provides low insertion forces during procedures. It also includes a side port with a 3-way stopcock that provides a convenient means of aspirating and flushing the introducer.

  • Product Feature
  • Lubricated hemostatic valve to reduce the risk of blood loss and air embolism
  • Sideport with 3-way stopcock for infusion and contrast injection
  • Consistently clean and smooth peel
  • Ergonomic, easy-splitting breakaway hub
  • French size printed on handle and indicated by color coded introducer cap
  • Snap-locking dilator connector
  • Accepts maximum guidewire up to 0.38″/0.96 mm
Adelante features

Kit Includes

  • (1) One SafeSheath® peel-away sheath
  • (1) One dilator
  • (1) One guidewire (up to 0.038”/0.96 mm) with a flexible straight and J tip with straightener
  • (1) One needle with protector
  • (1) One syringe
AS06013B5 6 F 13cm 19.5cm
AS07013B5 7 F 13cm 19.5cm
AS08013B5 8 F 13cm 19.5cm
AS09013B5 9 F 13cm 19.5cm
AS95013B5 9.5 F 13cm 19.5cm
AS10013B5 10 F 13cm 19.5cm
AS10513B5 10.5 F 13 cm 19.5cm
AS11013B5 11 F 13cm 19.5cm
AS12013B5 12 F 13cm 19.5cm
AS12513B5 12.5 F 13cm 19.5cm
AS06023B5 6 F 23cm 28.5cm
AS07023B5 7 F 23cm 28.5cm
AS08023B5 8 F 23cm 28.5cm
AS09023B5 9 F 23cm 28.5cm
AS10023B5 10 F 23cm 28.5cm
AS10523B5 10.5 F 23cm 28.5cm
AS11023B5 11 F 23cm 28.5cm